You can get the OnePlus 7T for $ 300 at B&H

The T-Mobile variant from The OnePlus 7T is on sale at B&H For $ 300, Undermining OnePlus’ Private Sale At $ 350. This matches the lowest price a phone has ever had, so if you’re looking for a premium phone at a budget price, this might be a deal worth checking out.

This is the T-Mobile variant, and there are some caveats B&H lists on their site:

OnePlus 7T is an unlocked T-Mobile release. It can be used in other parts of the world; However, LTE access may be limited or not supported, depending on the network. Please select your country / carrier above to confirm network compatibility for this phone.

This phone may also be T-Mobile branded and comes preloaded with T-Mobile firmware and apps. The phone was originally manufactured and locked for T-Mobile, but T-Mobile has since unlocked it for resale. The phone is new and not pre-owned, although the box was opened to unlock the phone. The phone can be used on any compatible carrier; However, some features such as Wi-Fi tethering may not work on other carriers. The phone also relies on T-Mobile for software updates.

If you are You don’t like the idea of ​​unlocking the phone beforehand, You can also get a completely unlocked copy for $ 350 from B&H, or a locked T-Mobile variant for $ 350 from OnePlus themselves.

7 T. It was a good deal when it launched At $ 599, and has the Just after a year of updates (Although it’s worth noting that you’ll rely on T-Mobile for those with this version.) When compared to the market now, it lacks a few features: it doesn’t have 5G, and its screen is slower at 90Hz. From her successor, Which works at 120 Hz. But if you value savings more than those features, you might want to jump on the deal – it expires Wednesday, December 31 at 11:59 PM ET.

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