Xiaomi, CNOOC and Comac: Chinese companies impose new US restrictions

The Pentagon On Thursday, it added nine Chinese companies, including Xiaomi, to the list of companies the agency claims are owned or controlled by the Chinese military. Listed companies are subject to strict restrictions, including A. US investment ban.
The addition is disturbing news for Xiaomi, which recently overlooked it an Apple (AAPL) To become the world’s third largest smartphone maker, According to IDC Market Information. The company’s shares were down 10% during morning trade in Hong Kong on Friday.

The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that it was “determined to highlight and confront” the relationship between the Chinese army and companies that “appear to be civilian entities” but support the army with advanced technology and expertise.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN Business. But Beijing had previously criticized Washington for its actions and said it would take “necessary measures” to protect the interests of Chinese companies.

United State Department of Commerce It also put CNOOC, China’s largest offshore oil producer, on another list that effectively cut it off from US supplies and technology. The company It was already on the Department of Defense list. CNOOC shares fell slightly in Hong Kong.

“CNOOC is acting as a bully for the People’s Liberation Army to intimidate China’s neighbors,” Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross said in a statement, referring to the country’s military. His agency claimed that CNOOC was harassing and threatening offshore oil and gas exploration in the South China Sea.

CNN Business contacted Xiaomi, CNOOC, Comac and other companies added to the US government listings on Thursday, but has not received a response yet.

US banks give up products linked to Chinese stocks after the New York Stock Exchange ban

These moves are the latest in a series of actions taken by the Trump administration against Beijing in the weeks leading up to Biden’s inauguration, and could complicate relations between the United States and China for the next government.

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Before Thursday, the Pentagon had already added 35 Chinese companies to its military list, including chip maker SMIC and tech company Huawei. The Ministry of Commerce also imposed restrictions on several companies. (SMIC has denied having a relationship with the Chinese military, while Huawei has denied various US claims that it is a national security risk.)

New York Stock Exchange too It was announced last week It will write off three shares of Chinese telecom companies in compliance with an executive order issued by US President Donald Trump banning US investment in certain companies.

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