Weezer’s new album “OK Human” drops January 29th

Since their “Africa”-related resurgence in late 2010, Weezer has been teasing a pair of new albums. We first learned about Good man, Which was teased by Rivers Como as a piano-based project recorded without a tap path, and features series parts recorded on Abbey Road. They later announced an oriented Hard Rock From WeiserWhich has since produced three singles:game over,a heroAnd “and”Beginning of the End. ” From Weiser He was also the first to get a release date. But it turns out Good man It comes first – as in the next week.

After an online advertising campaign today Weezer fans have had it Complete the verification letters Striving to convert the binary code to text, the band immediately came out and said: Good man On January 29th, it is preceded by the opening of one single “All My Favorites Songs” this Thursday. It is worth noting that last week the band shared a playlist titled “All favorite songsIt features tracks for Neil Young, REO Speedwagon, Johnny Cash, Toni Braxton, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Céline Dion, and Sinéad O’Connor.

The group confirms this, too From Weiser Still released on May 7. So: two Weezer albums in a little over three months, and none of them covered LP. Check out the OK Human tracklist below.

Tracking List:
01 “All my favorite songs”
02 “Aloo Gobi”
03 ‘The Grapes of Wrath’
04 “numbers”
05 “playing the piano”
06 Inverted Image
07 “screens”
08 “a bird with a broken wing”
09 “dead roses”
10 “everything happens for a reason”
11 “here comes the rain”
12 “dig a la pri tar”

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Good man It is off 1/29 on the Atlantic. Pre-order The live broadcast starts this Thursday, 1/21 at midnight.

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