Tramon Williams is visiting Green Bay and is expected to sign, in the report

Tramon Williams in Green Bay on a free agent visit with the Packers on Wednesday and is expected to sign if all goes well, According to Tom Silverstein of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The 37-year-old has been released before Baltimore crows Earlier this week after losing the play-off match against Buffalo bills.

Williams has appeared in six regular season matches with the Ravens this year after signing him mid-season. He scored 169 shots in defense as a spare corner, including 55 shots in the Ravens’ win over the Giants.

If he does fall, he will likely be unreliable for heavy actors, but given his familiarity with Packers‘, It could be a deep hunk worthwhile – if only that was the case the Packer doesn’t end up turning Josh Jackson into a major position.

As Silverstein noted in his report, Williams could also provide some reliability as a gambling payoff, given Tavon Austin’s inconsistency there. He served as the backers’ primary bet in 2010 and performed that duty for a while in 2018 as well.

If (and apparently, when) Williams joins the Packers, his third assignment will be green and gold. He originally joined the Packers exercise squad in 2006 before serving as a lead member of Packers High School from 2007-13. After three years in Cleveland and Arizona, Williams rejoined the Packers in the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Made Williams Pro Bowl In 2010, a season of Most notably his legendary pick 6 In the Packers’ Divisions Tour, he won Atlanta Falcons.

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