The players disappeared, in the approximate first half of Brown’s attack / defense – Terry Pluto scribbled in the first half

CLEVELAND, OH – Scribbles in my notebook as Browns tracks planes, 13-3, in half.

1. While there was much talk before the match of Brown losing two attackers and four receivers, it was the defense that also ran into trouble. This was especially true of scroll coverage.

2. The first TD aircraft came at 43 yards from receiver Jamison Crowder to fellow receiver Braxton Berrios. Brown’s defense was tricked and the Prius was wide open. It was great coverage.

3. Next TD in New York on TD Boardwalk 11 yards from Sam Darnold to Chris Herndon. Herndon was wide open in the end zone when Denzel Ward and Karl Joseph seemed to get flustered and neither of them followed him to the end zone.

4. It was a tough day for Nick Harris as he started his first NFL right goalkeeper. He gave up on the bag. He also seemed to be engrossed in some other plays. Mayfield was sacked twice in the first half. It was also accelerating a lot. This is the biggest pressure he’s faced since Brown’s 38-7 loss in Pittsburgh on October 18.

5. This game shows what rookie Gedric Wells was doing on the left tackle. Missed the match due to an illness other than COVID. Kendall Lamm started on the left tackle and suffered. He also gave up on the bag. Baker Mayfield has been fired three times.

6. Brown had a zero-yard dash in the first quarter. That’s right … zero. Nick Chubb held the ball four times, and he couldn’t get an apron. In half, Chubb had 6 yards in eight wagons. Karim Hunt held a single load, negative 2 yards. It adds up to 4 yards in nine campaigns.

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7. The Jets came to the game at # 30 versus running, so it wasn’t as if Brown was facing excellent defense. The offensive line was overwhelmed.

8. I thought this could be a good day for Hunt. For most of the half, it wasn’t part of the offense. He dropped a pass. His other throw was low and behind the run. And he had the person holding him for a negative 2. Finally, at the last minute of the game, he had a pass 8 yards. It must be the focal point of the second half.

9. Brown throw out to narrow ends. Austin Hopper, who caught five for 54 yards. Teammate Harrison Bryant had three passes at 37 yards. The wide receivers only got one pass, and it’s 6 yards from novice Ja’Marcus Bradley.

10. I’m a little tired of hearing people on TV talk about how Brown had to delay their trip on Saturday for 4 and a half hours while they solved their COVID-19 problems. Look, it’s a charter flight. Not traveled by stage coach.

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