The Philadelphia 76ers are awaiting the NBA referee for Saturday’s game against the Denver Nuggets

The NBA is teetering about postponing the second coronavirus-related game of the season, as the Philadelphia 76ers await a league referee on submitting a contact tracing report for several players who have participated in close proximity to the goalkeeper. Seth CareySources told ESPN.

The Sixers’ list of seven players put into a health and safety protocol based on close contact with Curry – who has tested positive for coronavirus – may leave them with fewer than eight authorized league players required to start a match on Saturday at 3 PM ET against the Denver Nuggets in Philadelphia.

For now, the Sixers have been reduced to six available players: the All-Star Striker Ben Simons, Centers Dwight Howard And the Tony Bradley, Rookie guards Therese Maxi And the Isaiah Joe And guarding Dakota Matthias.

The Sixers are awaiting a league assessment of the circumstances surrounding the individual cases of the seven players to discover whether at least two of them can be acquitted on Saturday to avoid delay. NBA contact tracing guidelines can define different passes for different players, including isolation periods for anywhere from zero to seven days.

After learning Curry had retested positive for COVID-19 early in the Sixers’ loss to the Brooklyn Nets Thursday night in New York, Curry was taken off Earth and isolated, sources said.

The 76 passengers were asked to wait for test results on Friday at the team hotel in Lower Manhattan before boarding a series of separate buses at around 11 PM EST on Friday to return to Philadelphia, sources said.

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The Nuggets flew to Philadelphia on Friday without a talented young striker Michael Porter Jr., Who remains marginalized under health and safety protocols for an indefinite period of time, sources said.

The Houston Rockets-Oklahoma City Thunder opening night match was postponed when the Rockets only had seven eligible players.

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