The disappointing Cold War Black Ops 4 Scorestreak is back two years later

Call of Duty players ran into problems when trying to use Double XP tokens in Black Ops Cold War. Many of them have taken to Reddit to point out the problems, and they are demanding huge changes from Activision.

Warzone integration with Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops Bring a large number of exciting content for players. There are all-new weapons to unlock, as well as a playable player in Season 1. Additionally, Activision recently held a series of Double XP Events For both addresses.

Many Battle Pass players have been awarded Double XP Tokens from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this chapter. However, this was not handled well, and a thread on Reddit has highlighted the issues that players deal with when using them. They want some big changes to happen soon.

BOCW fans want to make changes to Double XP tokens

Several fans have had problems with Double XP icons for a strong year now. The biggest complaint is that it takes forever to find a match when using them, which makes the tokens seem like an unnecessary hassle.

Reddit user u / Tritonpr95x posted this issue on Black Ops Cold War subredit. The player mentioned that it is annoying to waste time searching for matches on the icons, and that it takes a long time to find a game.

Really lame, you lose a lot of time searching for matches on your token. I’m not sure what it is but after doing some searches it looks like a lot of people have the same problem where searching for matches takes forever. Crossplay enabled . “

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Several other players shared this sentiment in the comments. They agree that the tokens should be “in game time”, and work like the ones in Infinite Warfare where you have a good game, then double your XP.

There is a notification in the game acknowledging this issue, so developers and Activision are aware that this issue plagues gamers. Despite various posts made regarding this topic, they have yet to announce that they plan to fix it anytime soon.

Some comments targeted the 15-minute XP tokens as being particularly problematic. One swipe from u / Darkestneon that you only get one of them for the game, then you end up spending a good chunk of that time waiting in the hallway.

“This is why 15-minute XP tokens are scams. They only allow you to use them in a single MP game. Then you lose 5 minutes in the lobby and in the load. You lose a third of your token that you got with a battle pass you paid.

It’s a scam. Give me at least 30 minutes tokens. 15 minutes is pretty much useless. I agree it should be at playtime. “

You can activate old Double XP tokens

The best way to solve the problem is to have a lobby and then activate the icons in a second before the map starts loading. Also, as another user noted, you can activate your old tokens from Warzone and then jump into Cold War to reap the benefits of the Double XP you stored.

This method still works when a player tried it and then said, “Thank you. I just did this and it worked. Now it’s enough to talk about it, before they catch the wind and keep it from working somehow.”

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A few players commented on the topic that they hadn’t encountered the problem that far. Some reported joining a match after just one minute of waiting time in the lobby. However, the problem is still more prevalent than it was a while ago.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch

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