The Cowboys, Giants, or Washington will make history in Week 17 by finishing the historic 0 vs 258 streak by NFL Teams

If you’ve been following NFC East this year, you’ve probably noticed that it appears to be the only division in NFL that no one wants to win. Despite this fact, someone has to win it and this Sunday, we will find out who this person is.

As we approach the final week of the season, only the Eagles They were eliminated from the knockout race, which means that CowboysAnd the Giants Or, Washington could end up taking the NFC East title. The team that did end up winning in the division would not only get a supplement berth, but would also end up making some NFL history.

The three surviving teams started NFC East Season 2-7, which is noteworthy, because no team made the qualifiers in a year as they knocked out the gate with a 2-7 record. Since the Super Bowl era began in 1966, it has been there A total of 258 teams started the season At 2-7 and none of them bounced back to make the post-season, which means NFL teams combined 0 to 258 in this case. After Sunday, that record will improve to 1 against 260.

Of the remaining three teams, a division title by the Cowboys should be considered the most likely. Sometime this season, the Cowboys had a record of 3-9 and seemed to be left to die. As for the Washington and the Giants, they were 5-7 after 12 games because they bounced back after the start 2-7. Washington scored a four-game winning streak after its ugly start, climbing to 6-7 before losing two in a row to drop to the current record of 6-9. At the end of Team Giants, they rode a four-game winning streak to 5-7 before losing three in a row and dropping to 5–10.

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The worst record in nine matches any team has ever recovered from for the playoffs is 3-6, which has happened multiple times. The first time this happened came in 1970 with Bengals. More Recently it happened In 2012 with Washington. Eight years ago, Washington recovered from its ugly start to winning the split with it Robert Griffin III.

This year, Washington is in the driver’s seat for the division title. if it was football team Beats the Eagles on Sunday night, then Washington wins the score. However, if the soccer team loses, the division title will go to the winner of the Cowboys-Giants, which is set to kick off at 1 PM ET on Fox.

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