The “Bachelor” contestant almost collapsed during the Rose Party, the paramedic called

A paramedic appeared on Monday night on an episode of “BSC“When a contestant yearns to get a lead James MattThe heart almost collapsed.

Sarah Trott, a 24-year-old radio journalist from San Diego, California, needed help during the Rose Party when she stumbled upon the setting. Trott’s insecurities caught the attention of James, who stopped the party and turned to Trott to ask if she was okay.

Trott said, “I, like, see the stars.” Hey ho.

Contestant Brie Springs, a 24-year-old communications director from San Francisco, also noticed Trout’s difficulty and reported to a paramedic. Springs told the producers, “She will pass out.”

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Trott told the medic, “I’m fainting. I can’t see.”

ABC letters "BSC" It stars James as the first black champion.

ABC’s “The Bachelor” stars Matt James as the first black champion.
(ABC / Billy Kidd)

The second episode of the program Season 25 Finished with a “To Be Continued” message, it poses questions from Bachelor Nation fans who have been desperate to see if Trott is okay.

One Twitter user who described Trott as one of her favorite contestants so far wrote, “Hope you’re doing well.”

Another worry, “Sara is having a full-blown panic attack. Hope she is well.”

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Sara Trout (right) nearly collapsed during the Rose Gala on Monday night's episode.

Sara Trout (right) nearly collapsed during the Rose Gala on Monday night’s episode.
(ABC / Craig Sajodin)

“Is Sarah okay?” Another viewer asked.

“Mmm, is Sarah okay?!?!” One person tweeted.

Earlier in the episode, Trott was one of two women who received a rose from the lead in “The Bachelor”. She is said to have established a relationship with James after being open about her father’s diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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James is making history this season as the first black team on ABC Competition Show.

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Before his debut, he sat down for an interview with People in which he discussed his ultimate goal as a role model for the black community on the show.

“I hope being in this situation paves the way for people like me to be in this situation and to normalize it,” He said. “Oh, Matt was a great Bachelor.” It doesn’t have to be, “Oh, he was a great black bachelor.”

James went on to discuss his experiences when he grew up as the son of multi-ethnic parents and the pressures he feels about leaving a good legacy.

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“This is something that kept me awake at night. It’s like, I don’t want to anger black people, I don’t want to anger white people, but I’m both. You know what I mean? It’s like, How do you please everyone?” He said.

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