San Diego County opens a “Premier Vaccination Station” in partnership with the University of California, San Diego Health, Padres, and the City of San Diego | News

San Diego County is taking the lead to vaccinate more frontline healthcare workers by collaborating with regional partners at UCSD, Padres, and the City of San Diego to open the county’s first COVID-19 Super vaccination station.

Up to 5,000 healthcare workers are vaccinated daily, quickly and safely on the drive. Healthcare workers must make an appointment online and provide evidence that they are health care workers. President Nathan Fletcher brokered a deal with partners to join the massive “POD” county pilot.

This new “POD” (Point of Distribution) program that is being piloted by the county is a way to quickly and safely vaccinate 500,000 healthcare workers in our area. Stage 1A-Tier Categories On the list of vaccine priorities in California. The county had previously set up four small capsules across the region that were administering hundreds of vaccines for healthcare workers every day that would continue to work, but Super vaccination station It would enable up to 5,000 doses of vaccines per day to be given to health care workers.

Nathan Fletcher, Chair of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, has discussions about forming a partnership with Patty Messent, CEO of UC San Diego Health, and UCSD Adviser Pradeep Colsa. This partnership will help facilitate a faster regional vaccine deployment.

“The Super vaccination station Increases our ability as a county to administer a vaccine for healthcare workers, ”President Fletcher said.“ The opening of this mega vaccination site will be a milestone in the COVID recovery in California when it opens on Monday. With UC San Diego Health’s help in this new regional partnership, we’ll be putting vaccines into the arms of healthcare workers even faster. We appreciate them. And Padres and San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria to help us make this a reality. “

Starting on Monday, January 11, 2021 Super vaccination station You will work 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week for healthcare workers (see List of Qualifications). Vaccinations will only be given to healthcare workers who have scheduled an appointment online at Boycott Super vaccination station It will be located at the Padres-controlled Tailgate Lot, a large area located on Imperial Avenue near Petco Park. Health care workers will be required to provide evidence that they are health care workers upon arrival at the site. Health care workers will be able to stay in their car to receive the vaccine vaccine and they will stay on site for 15 minutes to be monitored, and once they are released, they can drive away.

Pradeep K. “Ending this pandemic requires the use of every tool available, from concealment to testing to vaccines,” Khosla, chancellor of the University of California, San Diego. “The expanded effort to vaccinate more people more quickly requires close collaboration between many partners – UCSD, the county, Padres, and others. This partnership’s unique combination of leadership, resources, expertise and logistics will deliver optimal public health outcomes for everyone in San Diego County.” .

“The rapid construction and expedition of a major COVID-19 Vaccine Center in Petco Park is a mega project, and it wouldn’t be possible without our partners in County and Padres,” said Patty Mesent, CEO of UC San Diego Health. “We are very proud of San Diego to bring them together during this crisis, and to benefit from the innovation and collaboration that our region is known to support the health and safety of the entire community.”

President Fletcher says the county is ultimately hoping to replicate the POD vaccination model across San Diego County. No timeline has been set, but the President said the model has proven effective; More vaccine doses become available and individuals assigned Tier 2 and 3 are eligible Super vaccination station The model will be vital for distributing the vaccine to more people in a fast and safe environment.

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The City of San Diego has joined the Traffic Control and Security Services from the San Diego Police Department.

“Petco Park is more than just a stadium, and we are honored to help the San Diego community by providing the necessary space and operational support to the county for their critical COVID-19 vaccination efforts,” said Eric Grobner, Padres’ chief of business operations. “Through the work of the County and our partners at UC San Diego Health, the important step in vaccinating San Diegans will help move forward and save lives.”

San Diego County gave its first COVID-19 vaccines on December 16, 2020.

Quick tips for healthcare workers making an appointment at a major vaccination station

  1. Healthcare workers are encouraged to first contact health care providers to request a vaccine, but if no vaccine is available, they must make an appointment for COVID-19 in the county Super Pollen Station
  2. Appointments are required and must be made on
  3. Don’t make an appointment if you have COVID-19, or are sick. Please follow CDC’s guidelines for these situations
  4. The medical professionals administering the vaccine will wear personal protective equipment.
  5. Wear a mask
  6. Acceptable proof forms are provided at the county major vaccination station
    1. The employee’s identity badge with a photo or other documents, including a professional license, an ID card with a photo, a letter signed by the employer on the company letterhead and an ID card with a photo; Or a payment bond or schedule from an employer in healthcare or supportive services at home with a photo ID

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