Report: “Many of the Eagles’ players and coaches have been shocked and angry” with the dismissal of Galen Horts

NFL: January 3, the Washington Football Team at the Eagles

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The Eagles have a lot of work to do to repair the external damage wrought by Sunday night’s apparent loss to Washington. They also seem to have a lot of work to do to repair internal damage.

Jeff McLean Philadelphia Inquirer Stating that “Many of the Eagles’ players and coaches were shocked and angryBy the decision to remove the quarterback Galen Horts For Nate Sudfield In the second half of the week 17 match.

According to the report, “defensive players had to be prevented from facing coach Doug Pederson. Maclean also reported this position.” Jason Kelsey (Pictured) Another attacker approaches Pederson to illustrate this step.

Pederson explained after the loss He was trying to win the match. On Monday, Pederson gave Roaming is the answer When asked again about the perception that the Eagles had not tried to secure a win he would have knocked Washington out of the qualifiers and would award the NFC East giants the title.

The accident puts a dark cloud on the team at the end of the lost season. Removing them will require a lot of frank and candid conversations. Ultimately, Pederson may have to admit to his players (at least to his team leaders) that the goal was to consolidate the black team’s position or, perhaps, to de-escalate the potential pressure to make Hurts start 2021, allowing a cast A more logical and thoughtful decision As for the position of the quarterback next season, given what they believe Carson WentzPerhaps the bad season was an aberration.

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The Eagles have made great use of the pandemic protocols preventing reporters from stepping out of the locker room in the real moments after the match. However, this problem did not disappear quickly – and the Eagles did nothing in the aftermath of the match to reduce the discontent stemming from the apparently intentional decision not to try to beat Washington in the final of the regular season 2020.

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