Photos of the optional Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra stylus and compatible case leak prematurely

Pictures of what appears to be the S Pen and carrying case for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 Ultra have been leaked online. WinFuture Reports. It shows a stylus that looks similar in appearance to Samsung’s previous S Pens, as well as a phone case that is slightly wider than the phone itself to allow room for an optional accessory. WinFuture Reports indicate that the stylus will be sold separately from the phone for under 40 euros (about $ 49).

This phone case is a must because the S21 Ultra is rumored to support the S Pen however It is said that it will not have a dedicated hatch To store it other than Samsung Note devices. The stylus is said to be an optional accessory for the S21 Ultra, not something that comes in the box like the Note phones.

The stylus accessory is very similar to Samsung’s previous S Pens.
picture: WinFuture

Rumors that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will work with the S Pen have been around for at least a month, and Samsung itself He even hinted that support was on the way when its head of Mobile Phones TM Roh said the company would add some of the “most loved Galaxy Note features” to other devices in its lineup. At the end of last month, FCC file Everyone confirmed that stylus support is on the way for the upcoming phone.

to me WinFutureThe S21 Ultra will support many of the same S Pen features as previous Note devices. It is said to have a pressure-sensitive tip, gesture controls via an accelerometer, and controls for playing and pausing videos or taking pictures remotely.

Reports of stylus support coming to the S21 Ultra coincided with rumors that Samsung has been preparing for Stop making notesOne of its distinguishing features is the stylus support. However, it has been reported that this was It is disputed by a Samsung official.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to be one of three devices that will make up the S21 lineup, along with the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus. Besides stylus support, other reports have claimed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s rear camera array will include Two telephoto cameras In addition to a 108-megapixel main camera. Leaked videos suggest it will have an extension Curved screen (Compared to the flat screens of two other S21 phones) and a redesigned camera bump compared to the previous generation S20 Ultra, and WinFuture Previously mentioned It will have a 6.8-inch 120Hz screen, a 5000 mAh battery with 45W fast charging support.

Samsung confirmed The upcoming Unpacked launch event will take place on January 14th, during which the new Galaxy S21 range is expected to be announced and possibly New tile competitor Next to the heavily leakages Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds.

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