Panthers offered Scott Fetter the role of General Manager

Charlotte – Scott Vetter wasn’t the number one candidate the Panthers spoke to.

It clearly left an impression that lasted.

The Panthers offered Seahawks Vice President Football Operations the team’s role as general manager.

The Panthers interviewed Fitterer via video link on Monday, the last day of 15 preliminary interview for the position.

He returned for a personal interview Wednesday, The last of the Four Finals met for a second time with coach Matt Rowley and owner David Tepper in person.

Vetter has worked with Seahawks since 2001, serving as an assistant assistant to General Motors under John Schneider – who has just signed a contract extension through 2026.

A former player for two college sports (UCLA and LSU), Vetter spent three years as a captain at the Toronto Blue Jays before shoulder problems ended his baseball career.

From there, he landed a job with the Giants (New York, not San Francisco) as a part-time explorer and joined the Seahawks in 2001 and worked his way through the scouting department of the college. He became director of college scouts in 2011, as the team began laying out the pieces that would eventually become the Super Bowl champion.

That year, Richard Sherman joined from the fifth round of high school that would be known as the “Chorus of Prosperity,” and the young stars followed in quick succession.

Fitterer is a Seattle native with a degree in History from the University of California.

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