Nintendo Breath of the Wild mainly uses fictional Miis as non-playable characters

If you are a Nintendo user and need a host of Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) for your success soon The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, What are you doing? Apparently, you can use your own Mii Creator to create it. Twitter user And self-proclaimed Mii expert Alice (HEYimHeroic) Find out that some of the secondary characters in the game world (shopkeepers, townspeople, etc.), are based on Mii characters, and Miis can be brought directly into the game – albeit with a fair amount of effort.

It It has been speculated before that Breath of the wildMiis’ NPCs were somehow related to Miis (especially after discovering that their game files were categorized as UMiis), but Alice’s discovery reveals that Miis can be set directly in the game, With only a few exceptions.

Photo showing Mii as the character in Breath of the Wild

Obviously, the game doesn’t quite make characters like Miis.
picture: EHEYim Herwick

These characters are in Breath of the wild Not exactly Miis, as you can tell just by looking at a picture of them. UMii files have many of the same features as Mii files, and the game translates those traits into characters you can see in the game. The result is that it’s relatively easy to convert Mii into UMii, since they have essentially the same traits. This will bring Mii to life in the game and in the game’s artistic style.

If you really want to have your own Mii Breath of the wild, You will need a modified Wii U or Switch (though that might be obvious). The process involves extracting and editing the current game character’s bumii file To match the values ​​that Mii has, then visit it in the game. Apparently, the Zelda Modding Discord is reasonably active if you really want to research the system, And Alice is taking credit for that To help them test their hypothesis.

If all of this sounds like it takes a lot of work or you don’t want to tweak your console, Alice has mentioned that she is receiving commissions, even though it looks like she’s gotten a lot of orders already. These, by the way, went exactly as expected.

There are many characters in the game that weren’t created this way. Main characters like Link, Zelda, Mipha, and anyone who is a major part of the story will be made in the traditional way, as custom 3D models.

Let’s the fact that some Breath of the wild The characters are basically big skinned Miis with some additional tweaks that will be a lesson: You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to get a system that works. If you’ve already done a lot of work, Nintendo has also done with the Mii systemThink about other ways this system could be used. This isn’t just a good game design. It’s good life advice – although hopefully your results aren’t as terrifying as Breath of the wild– Miis recognized at times.

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