Michael Apted, film director and documentary Seven Up, dies at age 79 | Michael Aptide

British filmmaker Michael Aptide At the age of 79 years.

The filmmaker and documentary director is best known for movies like Gorillas in the Mist and Coal Miner’s Daughter, as well as his feature-length documentary series.

His death was confirmed by his agency The Hollywood Reporter. No further details are known yet.

Apted’s career began in the 1960s on the small screen, and in 1964, he helped with the show Seven Up! As part of Current Affairs, World in Action appears. Director Paul Almond helped interview 14 7-year-olds, and he continued to visit them independently every seven years over the course of their lives. The latest release, 63 Up, was released in 2019 and directed Referred to To it as “the most important thing I’ve ever done.” The series as a whole won a Peabody Award in 2012.

He said in “The series was an attempt to get a long look at English society.” Interview last year. “The class system needed a kick in the backside.”

Upgrading to the latest premium, Apted She expressed A desire to continue for another seven years, saying that he will continue as long as he “can breathe and speak.”

In the 1970s, Apted appeared on the big screen, directing World War II drama The Triple Echo, starring Oliver Reed and Glinda Jackson. But he saw his first major success in 1980 with the daughter of the coal miner, a biopic Loretta Lynn starring Sissy Spacek. She was nominated for seven Oscars, and won Best Actress for Spacek.

Sissy Spacek in Coal Miner's Daughter
Sissy Spacek in Coal Miner’s Daughter Photo: Cinetext Bildarchiv / Allstar / UNIVERSAL

Apted went on to direct Sigourney Weaver in Gorillas in the Mist, the film that also earned five Academy Award nominations; Neil, who earned an Oscar nomination for Jodie Foster; Drama Kate Winslet Enigma; Jennifer Lopez’s action thriller, Enough, and most recently Unlocked action movie starring Noomi Rapace.

“What I love about women at the heart of films is that I find that a woman’s character brings a lot of emotion to the story, whatever the story,” he said in. 2017 interview. “Whether it is a woman with a gorilla or a country music singer, a woman’s emotional life is – at least on the surface – more dramatic than that of a man.”

He also directed the James Bond adventure The World Is Not Enough and the fictional sequel The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Apted has been remembered by his Twitter peers, including Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids.

“Very, very sad to hear of Michael Aptide’s death,” Vig Wrote. “He was always nice to me and I was very impressed with his work.”

Gail Ann Heard, producer of Aliens and The Terminator, chirp: “Another legendary filmmaker is gone … a brilliant documentary and an awesome fellow. Do yourself a favor and check out his great cinematic films.”

Apted survived his wife, Paige Simpson, and had a son, Jim and John, and his daughter, Lily Meles.

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