LG will fix its webOS TV software – and maybe destroy it

LG will fix its webOS TV software - and maybe destroy it

There is not a lot of similarity between the webOS software running on LG TVs and Palm smartphones as the operating system started many years ago. But LG TV’s interface has grown to be a favorite for its out-of-the-way efficiency. When you press the remote control’s home button, the shortcut bar slides with apps, HDMI inputs and other destinations to the bottom of the screen but it doesn’t completely override anything displayed on the screen. Highlight a streaming app, and an extra row appears at the top to reveal recommended picks and what’s streamed.

Well, a lot for that.

LG brings a comprehensive fix for webOS for 2021 TVs. Version 6.0 of the program gets rid of the sliding bar completely and now has a full house Monitor It looks similar to what you find on any other TV. The colorful webOS interface of “blades” has completely disappeared. At least on the surface, everything looks cuter. It’s just a long list Things. You have a Champion area at the top with big banners, then “Top Picks”, followed by apps, your Dashboard / inputs, and a host of other categories.

Photo: LG

LG says: “The new home screen provides faster access to the most used apps and simplifies content discovery with the ability to receive recommendations based on user preferences and viewing history.” You can see a large ‘sponsored’ hatch in the upper left there, so yes, you can expect some ads and paid placement recommendations on the home screen of future LG TV. (The latest LG Magic Remote will also have shortcut buttons for select streaming apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus.)

There will be individual classes for shopping, sports scores, and sponsored LG channels – where you can stream free shows – on the home screen. These were all separate areas of webOS before, but now they’re being taken into the spotlight. Unfortunately, LG told me there is no way to hide rows that you don’t have any use for. I really hope that will change.

LG doesn’t usually offer the new version of webOS every year to previous TVs. So if you bought an LG OLED or LCD TV at some point in the last couple of years, it is Likely that You will stay with the previous interface. But I asked LG for confirmation since annual changes aren’t usually that drastic.

Previous versions of webOS were colorful and less intrusive.
Photo: LG

I don’t want to throw a thumbs up or down on webOS 6.0 until I see it myself, but my early feeling is that it feels like a retreat. It probably only takes a few days with one of the new batches to get this updated design, and this approach will likely be easier to navigate and more intuitive for non-techies. But I’ll miss the touch of whimsy webOS has had on LG TVs so far.

On the plus side, LG says the new remote control will be equipped with NFC capabilities, so you can tap the smartphone opposite to share content on the TV screen. The list of Alexa voice commands and the Google Assistant has been further expanded in webOS 6.0.

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