Israel leads the world in COVID-19 vaccines: More than a million people have been immunized

Israel has vaccinated more COVID-19 than any other country, with more than a million people receiving vaccines – an average of 12.59 doses per 100 people, New data From a tracking website operated by the University of Oxford.

why does it matter: Countries like the United States Delayed With regard to immunization targets, Israel has administered Coronavirus doses to more than 10% of its population 9.2 million Since I started administering the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine On December 19.

Image: Our World in Data

The Big Picture: Israel is in her country Third national lockdown, With More than 3,300 deaths Of COVID-19 and 435,000 cases. But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the country “could emerge from the epidemic as early as February” because it doses around 150,000 people a day. BBC notes.

  • Israel has also concluded deals with Moderna and manufacturers of vaccines against the Corona virus. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are not covered by the introduction, which was not officially requested by the Palestinian Authority Guardian reports.
  • Israeli officials Indicated They might give the Palestinians surplus vaccines and UN-led COVAX initiative Plans to Dosing To the regions.

to sign up: The United States has given 4.23 million doses, at a rate of 1.28 per 100 people as of Saturday, according to figures from the Oxford-run Our World in Data program, which measures single doses of a vaccine that typically require two vaccines.

  • Elected President Joe Biden criticized The Trump administration last week “missed” its goal of getting 20 million Americans to receive the Coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020. Trump blamed states for delaying distribution.
  • NIAID Director Anthony Fauci expects To see an increase in vaccine momentum in the United States this month that should enable health officials to catch up with the pace expected.
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