Hawks down the Pistons 128-120, improving to 3-0

On Monday night, the Atlanta Hawks played their first home game at the State Farm Arena since March 11 – the day the sports world was paused. The Atlanta Hawks led 3-0, beating the Detroit Pistons 128-120.

Clint Capella finally made his debut as Hawk after his takeover from Houston in February as part of a four-team deal. Due to two different injuries, Kabila has not played a regular season basketball game since January 29th.

Cappella got involved early on for Team Hawks, demonstrating that he is more than an edge runner and paint defender.

His first career points with Falcons came in the form of this immersion.

Atlanta made another hot start, which is a great developing trend for them so far this season. The Falcons showed signs of offensive explosions in every first quarter of their first three matches.

The Hawks went on a 16-2 round midway through the first quarter. Ball action in Atlanta was impressive at first.

Rajon Rondo is another player who has made his debut as Hawk in this game. Rondo will exit a tournament with the Lakers and will be the Falcon League keeper behind Trae Young.

Rondo demonstrated his ability to make toys very quickly.

Scoring for the Falcons slowed and the Pistons were snapped in the second quarter. Detroit advanced 11-4 to become a two-point match early in the second quarter.

Bogdan Bogdanovi, who was the first player to leave the bench for the Hawks, helped bring Atlanta out of an offensive rut with a beautifully designed post-time-out play.

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Atlanta finished the second quarter better than they started. Young participated heavily towards the end of the second quarter, hitting the free throw streak five times in the second quarter and hitting all of his attempts. Young was 6 of 6 from the charity bar in the first half.

The Hawks finished the second quarter on 16-9 to take the first half 66-56 in favor of the Hawks. The two teams exchanged buckets for a large part of the period, and the Pistons were more successful at scoring indoors and could paint while Capella was off the ground.

The Hawks were very effective in scoring in the first half. They fired 55% from the field and 50% from the depths.

The second half opened with many scoring back and forth between the two teams. The pistons were taking shots. The bright spot for Atlanta was that Kabila became more attacking in the third quarter.

Capella was aggressive on the inside by making mistakes, and he showed his relationship with Young.

The Falcons were unable to withdraw in the third quarter. Whenever one team sprinted, the other answered with a run of its own.

Atlanta kept shooting well from behind the arc in the third period. Bogdanovi hit two in a row in an exciting sequence.

Atlanta finished the third quarter with 3 indicators from Bogdanovi and Rondo to advance 100-87 to advance to fourth place. The three rondos were a whistling beater.

The Hawks really snapped as they stopped in the fourth quarter. Solomon Hill had three on Hawks’ first possession in that period.

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Atlanta beat the Pistons 15-4 in the first four minutes of the fourth quarter, however, Detroit responded by three in a row. Again, this was just one of those games where a falcon could heat up, and then the pistons would kick in another round. This discrepancy resulted in the falcons being unable to detonate pistons.

Atlanta maintained the lead despite belated Detroit efforts to downgrade the score. Detroit are only five points behind, with 35 seconds remaining.

Atlanta had seven players to score with double numbers. Capella was the only player in the starting line-up who failed to reach double numbers. He finished with seven points, nine rebounds and two blocks on his debut in Atlanta.

Rondo scored 12 points and provided eight assists on the bench in his first game as Hawk. Bogdanovi drained 5 of 8 threes from the bench en route to a 17-point performance.

Young led the way, as usual, with 29 points and six assists. He was once again prolific from the free throw line, knocking out all 15 of his attempts, including four clutch attempts at the end of the game. That puts him at 42 to 46 on free throw attempts in three matches.

The Falcons travel to Brooklyn to face the Nets in back-to-back confrontations on December 30 and January 1. They will face Keri Irving and Kevin Durant in a thrilling offensive battle.

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