Florida takes precautions but avoids the “madness” of closures New York in Como: Markovich

New Yorker, Carol Markovich, criticized for life Governor Andrew Como On his “American Newsroom” Coronavirus pandemic “Anarchy” compared to countries like Florida.

“We have Governor Cuomo, who was told he’s doing a great job during this whole process, and he’s been doing a really terrible job,” the New York Post columnist said Tuesday.

New York government. CUOMO tone changes months after infection with the Coronavirus

“I mean, not only are our businesses destroyed, our vaccination program is lagging,” she said. “Florida goes with age, and that’s what we had to do all the time.”

In which Post column“The New York authorities have no confidence in our people to do the right thing for themselves and their neighbors,” Markovich writes. “Our lives are hostage to Como’s whims.”

However, she points out, Florida residents know what to expect from Governor Ron DeSantes.

“The biggest difference is that everything in Florida is open, indoor eating is open in all cities, and they’re sort of leading a near-normal life, but everyone still wears masks, everyone’s social distancing, everyone washing their hands frequently,” she said. They take all precautions without any of the madness that we do in New York. “

Markovich noted that it is not uncommon to see a New Yorker wearing a mask on the street even though they shouldn’t.

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“We did it because we feel societal pressure to do it, but in Florida, they don’t do crazy things like that. It makes it easy to take precautions seriously,” she said.

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“Florida is doing it right,” Markovich concluded, “New York isn’t, and that’s really hard for a life-long New Yorker to say.”

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