First round selections from 1 to 32, including Jaguar with No.1

Ranking of the top 18 picks in the first round of 2021 NFL Project He is set, with Jacksonville Jaguars picking No. 1 and the New York Jets picking No. 2. Can both teams think in the middle with their picks? NFL highest-ranked midfielder Mel Kipper Jr. Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) W. Justin Fields (Ohio) – They kick off the semifinals of the College Football Playoff Friday evening, with Fields and Buckeyes appearing at the top.

Jaguars and Jets – along with the Miami Dolphins – each have two picks from round one in this draft. The Dolphins ended up taking overall # 3 – thanks to the Houston Texas trade offensive intervention Larmy Tonsil Last year – and # 18th pick. The Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals round out the top five.

The 2021 NFL draft will take place in Cleveland, and the first round will be on April 29. Rounds 2 and 3 will be on April 30th, while Rounds 4 to 7 will be on May 1. .

Check out the 18 best picks below, with numbers 19 to 32 expected from ESPN Football Strength Index (FPI), Which displays the standings by simulating the rest of the season 10,000 times.

Jacksonville was selected in the top ten in the first round 19 times as it entered its 27th season, but did not get General Option No. 1. The last team that participated in the qualifiers in the year it finished first was the 2013 Presidents. The Jaguar team took three midfielders In the first round – Byron Liftwich (No. 7 overall in 2003), Blaine Gabart (No. 10 in 2011) and Blake Portels (No. 3 2014).

The planes just missed the opportunity to take second place in the overall standings. They generally used their only first number to select a wide receiver Kishon Johnson 1996. The Jets ranked second twice overall, choosing wide receiver Johnny “Lam” Jones (1980) and succeeding Blair Thomas (1990). New York reportedly targeted Anthony Munoz for second choice in 1980, but was said to have passed him because he failed physically. The Bengals finished third in Munoz and made the 11 Pro Bowls. Jones never made a Pro Bowl contest.

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The Dolphins, which claimed three first round selections in 2020, had two first round selections this year. All their first round picks since 2011 were in the league in 2020, but only one from their pre-2019 was still with Miami (Devanti Parker14, 2015).

This is the Falcons’ first pick out of the top ten since 2015 and their first pick out of the top five since drafting the midfielder. Ryan died No. 3 overall in 2008. Atlanta placed two drafts in Hall of Famers with Top Five: Claude Humphrey (No. 3, 1968) and Dionne Sanders (No. 5, 1989).

The Bengals pick the top five for the seventeenth time in the franchise’s history and the second year in a row. They used their last four matches in the first round to pick offensive players, but only two of them were Cincinnati key players in 2020 (quarterback) Joe Boro And offensive tackle Jonah Williams).

This is Eagles’ first pick of the Top 10 since they chose Quarterback Carson Wentz No. 2 overall in 2016. Of course, it now looks like they are ready to move from Wentz in favor of the 2020 second round pick Galen Horts.

Lions are in the top ten for the third year in a row and the 26th time in the Super Bowl era. Could they be looking for a successor to pick 2009’s # 1 year overall Matthew Stafford?

Panthers have a choice in the top ten for only the second time since 2012. They have had a huge hit with the other, choosing to run backwards. Christian McCaffrey Number 8 overall in 2017.

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Broncos is being selected in the top ten for the second time since 2011. Pass-rusher Bradley Chubb Their choice was fifth overall in 2018. He has 20.5 bags in his career and he won the Pro Bowl title this season.

Five of the Cowboys’ last eight selections have represented in the first round of Dallas in the Pro Bowl, but only three remain with the team – goalkeeper Zach Martin, Running back Ezekiel Elliott And back Leighton Vander-Esh. This is the highest draft position for Cowboys since they picked Elliott with a fourth pick in 2016.

Four of the Giants’ last six first-round players are players they hope will be able to build their attack around them, despite the 2018 second pick. I’ll be Barclay Will return from ACL torn in 2021. Midfielder Daniel Jones (2019) and a narrow end Evan Ingram (2017) suffered some of the injuries that crippled them in 2020. Beginning offensive treatment Andrew Thomas It was a plug and play start this season.

When the 49ers chose a wide receiver Brandon Ayuk With their second two selections from the first round last year, it was the first time they had selected a Skill Center player in the first round since 2012. In the same period, they chose four defensive endings.

Chargers have the luxury of not needing a midfielder, as they seem to have struck gold with pick # 6 last year. Justin Herbert. The signal caller from Oregon has set a TD passing record by a beginner and has multiple TD passes in seven straight matches, another freshman record.

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The Vikings achieve their highest selection in the first round since they have chosen a corner corner Bring Wynes No. 11 overall in 2015. Among their pre-2018 first round picks, safety only Harrison Smith (2012) and full back Anthony Barr (2014) is still wearing purple.

The Patriots have their highest selection in the first round since 2008, when they chose full-back Jerrod May Tenth overall. He was the top defensive rookie of the year and played his entire eight-year career in New England, making two Pro Bowl teams.

Of the Cardinal’s last ten picks in the first round spanning the past 10 years, four of them weren’t even in the league. Five are still with Arizona. The other is the 49ers quarterback reserve Josh Rosen.

The Raiders, who made five selections from the first round over the previous two drafts, have only one first player this year. Each of these former five was in a different position, but none of these touched on the back or the attacking line.

How dolphins use the second of their first round will largely depend on what they do with their first. They have needs in the wide receiver, the offensive line and the running back.

FPI forecast for selecting numbers 19-32

19. Washington Soccer Team (7-9)
20. Chicago Bears (8-8)
21- Jacksonville Jaguars (1-15; 10-6 lar)
22- Indianapolis Colts (5-11)
23 Cleveland Browns (11-5)
24- Tennessee Titans (5-11)
25- Baltimore Ravens (5-11)
26- New York Jets (2-14; from 12-4 SEA)
27.Tampa Bay The Pirates (5-11)
28- Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)
29.The Buffalo Bill (3-13).
30. New Orleans Saints (12-4)
31 – Kansas City Chiefs (14-2)
32- Green Bay Packers (13-3)

(FPI predictions as of Sunday night after Washington’s win)

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