Carlos Carrasco is a great addition to the Mets’ spin

Carlos Carrasco was a standout in most professions, but besides Francisco Lindor, he was simply the other guy Cleveland dealt with the Mets on Thursday.

The veteran right-handed person solves a rotation need for Mets, joins Jacob deGrom and Marcus Strowman To give the team a strong 1-2-3 hit. David Peterson, Seth Lugo and Stephen Matz are the other current possibilities for filling this rotation. Mets also hopes Noah Sendergaard will return from rehab after surgery at Tommy John in June.

Last season, 33-year-old Carrasco went 3-4 with 2.91 ERs to Cleveland. He was signed for the next two seasons, with the club option for 2023.

Carrasco was diagnosed with leukemia in 2019 and missed most of the season before Return to win the best player award in return. He started his career with Phillies and went to Cleveland as part of the 2009 trade that sent Cliff Lee to Philadelphia. Carrasco finished fourth in the AL Cy Young vote in 2017, when he finished 18-6 with 3.29 ERA.

Carlos Carrasco
Carlos Carrasco

“This guy is a very impressive human being,” said one talent evaluator from the National League team. “He was a big customer with Phillies and they were very patient with him and he got to Double-A and then he started to struggle and be patient with him. And it was the Indians who took advantage of that. This did not happen to them. “

Carrasco, nicknamed “Cookie”, grew up in Venezuela. Become a US citizen in 2016.

The Talent Evaluator said, “He’s a true professional and he grew up a lot and it was fun to watch as an 18-year-old to where he is now.” “It’s a true success story and I think Team Mets is getting a real tough guy here.”

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Mets’ general manager, Jared Porter, said he was still looking for more help. The Mets team has shown an interest, most notably free agent Jake Odorizzi, and they plan to attend the next Corey Kluber throwing session. But adding Carrasco takes the pressure off Mets to add another mid-spin type option. Trevor Bauer is the best agent on the market, but the prospect of him landing the Mets seems less likely than it was when the season started.

Carrasco, according to team leader Sandy Alderson, was not discussed in the initial business talks with Cleveland, which began in November. Gradually, however, the Mets’ need cemented the start of the trade package.

In the deal, Mets Andres Jimenez surrendered, Amad Rosario, and prospects for Isaiah Greene and Josh Wolf. Mets’ main focus in the deal was Lindor.

The Talent Evaluator said, “He’s at the top of most people on Shortstop – including mine.”

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