Can Baker Mayfield continue avoiding protests against presidents? Hey Mary Kay!

Can Baker Mayfield keep playing fault-free soccer against Chiefs? Hey Mary Kay!

Kansas City – In this version of Hey, Mary Kay! Answer questions about Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, David Njoku, and more.

Hey Mary Kay: Can Baker Mayfield keep playing flawless football? – Shawn N. Chicago, Illinois.

Hey Shawn: Mayfield’s lack of objections during the past 10 matches is a major reason why the Browns played for a chance to go to the AFC Asian Football Championship on Sunday. He has thrown 14 touchdowns for only one interception in that period, and Browne was 7-3, including last week’s 48-37 victory over the Steelers in a wild card game. However, the Chiefs had the second most interceptions in the NFL this season with 16, including six by Tyrann Mathieu at third in NFL. If Mayfield throws the shots, Brown will have a hard time winning the game. If he doesn’t, they have a good chance because winning the employee turnover battle is the key. Mayfield learned to take the check and throw the ball away. He doesn’t force it as he goes through his leads and finds the open man or singles matches. He perfected Kevin Stefansky’s scheme of theatrical movement and wide area, and became more confident every week. The offensive line should give him ample time to throw, but he should be on the lookout for Matthew.

Hey Mary Kay: Will Denzel Ward and Kevin Johnson be ready for a full game in Kansas City? – Ben Jones, Macon, Ja.

Hi I am: Ward and Johnson have been doing well practically this week after their exit from COVID-19, but they won’t know what their condition or the winds will be until they play there. Miles Jarrett didn’t know he would struggle until he tried to play an almost full match the first time he was knocked out. Now, Al-Bunni knows they’re watching him, and will do the same to Ward, Johnson, Joel Bitonio, and Jadaryl Hodge. Fortunately for the Browns, they have had another defensive appearance like MJ Stewart who has garnered a lot of precious reps over the past few months and they’ll be willing to step in as needed. Of course, Stewart made game-changing interceptions in each of the last two games, so the turnstile at the back end proved beneficial in the long run.

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Hey Mary Kay: What is the outlook or speculation for the future of Grady Williams? Tom Engle, Ruskin, Florida.

Hello Tom: Williams is still recovering from nerve damage in his shoulder, and he hopes to be back next season. Brown seems optimistic that it will be, but it just depends on regenerating the nerve. Five months have passed and it hasn’t responded the way anyone could hope. Brown would have to have a good Plan B, which could include re-signing Terence Mitchell. They’ll also likely look for an angle of starting caliber in draft, free agency, or trade.

Hey Mary Kay: This Brown team is very special. The odds have been stacked against them throughout the season yet they find far off to get the job done. Do you feel they have enough to beat the Super Bowl? Will Jack Conklin return to this game? Thanks Mary Kay! You have been amazing covering this special team! Go brown! – Geoffrey Lerner, Avon, Ohio #plantthebrownsflag –

Hey Jeff: thanks! And thanks for all of your great questions throughout the season. Yes, I think the Browns have a good chance of beating the Chiefs if they play a clean game and if Mayfield makes no objections. As noted above, the Presidents are tied for the second most interceptions in the NFL with 16, including six from Terran Matteo. If Mayfield manages to dodge the shots and Brown plays a mostly flawless game, they could win and win a trip to Buffalo in the AFC Championship match against the Bills. I feel this way for a number of reasons, including Brown being great in the red and Chiefs being the worst defense in the NFL red zone. Brown also put their # 3 Rapid Attack against Chefs’ 21-ranked Running defense. But if Patrick Mahomes had an amazing and bug-free gameplay himself, he’d be hard to beat.

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Hey Mary Kay: Can we expect to see Jedric Wells Jr., Joel Bitonio, JC Tritter, Yate Teller and Jack Conklin start on Sunday? If so, what limitations might they have? Andrew Springer, Amherst, Ohio

Hey Andrew: The Browns will maintain their primary line of attack in the game, and if they win, it will be in large part due to their performance. Joel Bitonio is off the COVID-19 list, but he said he wasn’t sick, and he should be fine. Jack Conklin dropped out of training on Wednesday and Thursday due to a hamstring injury, but returned in a limited fashion on Friday. Konklin will not be 100% but it has to be healthy enough to get the job done.

Hey Mary Kay: Where are we keeping David Njoku? I never heard why he wanted to go, what is his contract status? Thanks and go brown! – Populaguy, St. Louis, MO.

Hey Bob: Brown picked the Njoku option for the fifth year of 2021 at $ 6.013 million, but he is not guaranteed and will only remain in the team if both sides decide it is the best for both parties. Njoku, who wanted to trade before the season and then canceled his order, finished seventh in the team with only 19 receptions for 213 yards and two TDs. Njoku and Baker Mayfield are seen disagreeing on the sidelines at the end of the season against Pittsburgh over whether or not Njoku is open to passing TD. The tight end faltered but then regained a foothold, but Mayfield had already searched for Jarvis Landry at that point, and found him in the finish zone for TD. I think Njoku still wants the opportunity to go elsewhere and contribute more.

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Browns playoff view

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