Blackouts hit 4 Hawaiian Islands

Update 10 pm

By 9:30 pm, power was restored to the majority of customers on Oahu and in some places on the island of Hawaii.

Information on the cause of the outages wasn’t immediately available, but a wind warning is in effect across most of the state until 6 a.m. Sunday.

Customers in West Maui and areas without electricity must prepare for an extended outage throughout the night. Maui Electric crews are responding to three transmission lines due to high winds.

8:30 pm

Hawaiian Electric reports that 860 customers are without electricity in Kahuku, and first responder is on the way.

The tool asks customers in West Maui to prepare for a potential outage that extends into the night.

A Hawaiian Electric spokeswoman said it was not clear what caused the disruption across the state.

Previous coverage

The Hawaiian Electric reported tonight that about 19,800 people in the Manoa, Waikiki, McCully, Kahala and Diamond Head areas have lost power.

The facility said that customers lost power at around 6:40 p.m. The crew is at the scene and the customers’ energy is restored in waves. Electricity had been restored for some Manoa by 8 pm

Hawaiian Electric reported another blackout, in the West Maui area, about two hours earlier, and one in Lanai around 3 PM, although electricity has since been restored.

There are also pocket discontinuities in Olinda, Biihullo and Hallow Place in Haikou. These interruptions can last overnight as kits repair lines.

Moreover, since around 4:40 PM, Hawaiian Electric reported three areas on the island of Hawaii where customers lost power: about 1,250 from Honomu Town to Ookala Town; Around 1750 at Papaikou to Kalopa mauka and makai; And more than 2,850 from Waimaea City to Puukapu Farmlos to Lower Kohala Ranch.

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Work crews are evaluating three transmission lines damaged by high winds in western Maui.

It is not clear what caused the power outages in Oahu, Hawaii and Lanai.

Hawaiian Electric is also reminding the public to stay 30 feet from collapsing power lines.

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