Billie Eilish loses 100,000 followers on Instagram after posting a viral challenge and dubbing them ‘kids’

Billie Eilish Her laughter deteriorates after she apparently lost nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram when she shared the latest viral trend on social media and seemed to offend some people in the process.

The 18-year-old “Bad Guy” singer was one of the most recent celebrities to take part in the “Post a Picture Of” Instagram Challenge. After fans asked the Grammy award winner to post a photo of her mobile device’s lock screen on Monday, Eilish happily forced it. The result was two drawings showing breasts that Eilish shared in her Instagram story.

Eilish shared her first published story, a screenshot of her iPhone’s lock screen, which shows a watercolor of two naked women – a palette of green, yellow, and red colors that bring the work to life.

Meanwhile, fans had another request from Eilish to post a picture of a “drawing you’re really proud of,” and once again, the guitarist shared another photo that revealed a number of Eilish’s sketches of various parts of the female anatomy.

Billie Eilish slashes her body formerly called “fat”: “This is what I look like”

Billie Eilish appeared unfazed after losing 100,000 followers on Instagram after posting on the social media viral `` Post a Picture Of ''. (Photo by Steve Granitz / WireImage)

Billie Eilish appeared unfazed after losing 100,000 followers on Instagram after posting on the social media viral “ Post a Picture Of ”. (Photo by Steve Granitz / WireImage)

Eilish commented on the NSFW (Not Safe to Work) posts published to my world Tuesday.

However, after her charade, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that the number of Eilish’s followers had mysteriously decreased immediately after he hit the artworks dispatch.

Billie Eilish said she “can’t win” after being criticized for sharing a swimsuit

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“Goodbye, don’t lose 100,000 breasts,” an Instagram follower pointed out, Sharing a screenshot of the ever-decreasing stats that showed Eilish’s number dropped from 73 million to 72.9 million in just a few minutes.

The user added in the caption afterwards, “PLS SHE LOST 100K IN LIKE HALF HOUR – IS MY IG GLITCHING OR ??”

Billie Eilish described those who unfollowed as

Billie Eilish described those who unfollowed them as “her kids” after losing 100,000 followers on Instagram after posting a viral “Post a Picture Of” on social media. (Photo by Kevin Winter / BBMA2020 / Getty Images for dcp)

Eilish also seemed to notice the change her fans were signaling when she released a response to her Instagram Story that sent the world a message that some might have been a bit sensitive to her tough graphics.

Eilish wrote a response with two skull emojis: “LMFAOO y’all baby smh.”

Billie Eilish comments on the fans as she slams her green and black hair: “Shut up!”

It was Eilish More than outright On the topic of body positivity since she appeared on the scene as one of the The biggest act of pop music.

Eilish is often known for wearing smartly baggy clothes at red carpet events and award shows, and he opened up to Eilish. Vanity Fair Last month about the backlash she’s been receiving on a steady basis about her wardrobe choices.

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She told the newspaper: “This is a picture of me running from my car to the front door of my brother on a day like 110 degrees Celsius, wearing a sleeveless shirt.” “And people were like, damn, beefy Billy!” And I’m like, “No, that’s what I look like, you’ve never seen it before!” So this is the latest, but whatever. “

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The “that’s why I amThe singer has been praised by her fan base in the past for her remarkable clap and honesty skills in her struggle with body confidence. She said it might be one of the most important parts of her communication with her fans.

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She said, “I love having children and it tells me I make them feel comfortable in their bodies.” “If I can do anything, I want to do it.”

Fox News Channel’s Melissa Roberto contributed to this report.

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