Asked and answered: January 10

Wallace Horton from Heightsville, MD: Do you think we need to re-evaluate how we evaluate tight endings? I see good looking young endings all over the league, but we can’t seem to be able to craft any of them.
Answer: Since the Steelers made Heath Miller the first choice in the 2005 NFL Draft, they have crafted seven tight endings – three in the seventh round, three in the fifth round, and one in the third round. You don’t get the kind of narrow end you’re talking about in positioning in the draft stages where the Steelers have been picking them. General Manager Kevin Colbert was the head of the Personnel Department in 2005, as he is now, so he knows someone when he sees it. The Steelers only chose to fulfill other needs earlier in drafts, and I agree with them that there are other team positions more worthy of the first and second choices than the narrow end.

Buddy Powell in Fort Myers, Florida: I hope someone explains to me how TJ Watt wasn’t named Defensive Player of the Year?
Answer: I can explain why TJ Watt was not awarded the NFL 2020 Best Defensive Player of the Year award: he did not get it because the winner has not yet been announced. The NFL will announce the winner as part of the NFL Honors program, which airs the night before the Super Bowl. Anyone can pick someone to be their defensive player of the year, but the only significant prize winner won’t be known until the night before Super Bowl.

Margaret Longazel from Boca Raton, Florida: I think most football fans would agree Jim Brown is the greatest Cleveland player ever. What was the Steelers ’overall record against Brown during his Cleveland career?
Answer: Let me start with this: There is no logical argument against Jim Brown being the greatest player in the history of the Cleveland Browns Series. In any case, in 18 matches against Brown during Jim Browns’ nine-year career, the Steelers were 6–12.

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Cal Sabo from Akron, OH: If Matt Feller is healthy enough to play, would getting him play the right tackle in the running game help?
Answer: If Matt Feller is healthy enough to play, I don’t think coach Mike Tomlin would make multiple moves to accommodate his comeback.

JC LARKIN of GALLATIN, TN: Do you know of any teams from the Super Bowl era that have chosen to use a special squad strategy that uses different pitchers with different skill sets? After seeing the accuracy of Matthew Wright’s accuracy on his NFL debut and his collective career in setting records for such accuracy, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to consider the team retaining a “unmissable quiet within 50 yards”, along with Boomer Who can count on to handle the tee?
Answer: In addition to allocating an additional place in the list of players in one day to another attacker, you are also proposing to allocate two positions in the list of 53 players to kickers, and space for a maximum salary of two players. No efficient use of resources whatsoever. And if you’re actually suggesting to use Matthew Wright to tackle field goals within 50 yards and drive Chris Boswell to the start of the match, then I sleep well at night knowing that you have no decision-making authority with the Steelers. Wright’s “college career that set records in terms of the aforementioned accuracy” had him converting 77.5 percent of field shots during his time in Central Florida, with 85.7 percent over the course of one year. Boswell’s career ratio in the National Football League is 88 percent, which is 15-to-15 during his qualifying career.

Mike Holt in Jacksonville, Florida: A lot of talk about Ben Rothlesberger’s career made me wonder if any of the Greatest Steelers of the 1970s had initially taken over in a similar fashion (Maddox injured, Ben took charge; end of story), or are they for For the most part of the positions won in training camp fights?
Answer: When Jack Lambert submitted a report on his junior training camp at Saint Vincent’s College in the summer of 1974, there was no place for him in the starting line-up. Outside back was run by two Pro Bowl players in Andy Russell and Jack Ham, and center back Henry Davis was voted into the Pro Bowl after the 1972 season. But since 1974 was a strike year and veterans were at the picket line at the opening of the camps, The juniors took an extended look at the beginning of the summer. Lambert was used as a backup for Ham, but soon after the veterans began playing with the start of the pre-season, Davis suffered a neck injury in the penultimate match, and Lambert moved into the middle. Davis was forced to retire due to injury, and Lambert did not leave the starting line-up.

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Mark Wakely in Denton, Texas: Do the player and team statistics continue during qualifying or are they separate? If TJ Watt gets two bags against Brown today, would his annual total go up to 17? If not, then why are they being separated?
Answer: Team stats and single player stats are separate from regular season and play-off matches. TJ Watt’s bag total for the 2020 season is 15, and he will stay at 15 regardless of what he does in that category during qualifying. The NFL keeps them separate because that’s the fair way to do it, because not every player gets a chance to add their stats with additional games in the qualifiers.

Scott Buchanan from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: I don’t know what the term is for the play, but many teams use this small flip for a runner in action who receives him just as he passes in front of the midfielder. If it is muffled, is it an incomplete pass?
Answer: If the ball is moving forward when transferred from midfielder to the runner / receiver, then this is an incomplete pass.

Paul Marinaacchio from Franklin Lakes, NJ: If a team decides to go for a one-point diversion after landing, and (for example) puts the blow out but ends up scoring by pass or run, are they awarded one or two points?
Answer: two.

GUY COURTNEY from FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia: I haven’t heard anyone say anything about the last game in the game, but do you think the Steelers intentionally missed the two-point switch to keep him from taking a pointless game into overtime?
Answer: I don’t think the Steelers did anything intentionally to avoid extra time in that two-point play, but you might want to check in with game officials who ignored a penalty that went into the pass when one of Brown’s defenders crossed Chase Claypool and made the call before the ball reached. Maybe they wanted to avoid overtime.

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Alvarez from Lexington, Kentucky: Attempts at field goals are measured by where the ball was kicked. Why aren’t kicks measured where the gambler also touches the ball?
The answer: Why is landing worth six points and field goals worth three points? Why 10 yards for first descent? Why do teams get three timeouts per half? The answer to all of these questions is the same: because that is the rule. simple.

Joe Carey from Manassas Park, Virginia: Alex Van Pelt will reportedly take over the play’s recall assignments in the game on Sunday. Will he also make all coaching decisions during the match, or has one of the other coaches been appointed as head coach for this game?
Answer: I work for Pittsburgh Steelers, question and response is appearing on What the Cleveland Browns do about their coaching system I don’t care, I don’t care.

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