Apple doesn’t make the MagSafe car charger – here are your options

Getting a MagSafe car charger for your iPhone seems like a simple process, but the current scene is one of the trade-offs: There are no comprehensive solutions that can carry and charge your phone wirelessly And the MagSafe certified to provide power up to 15W. However, manufacturers have found alternative solutions.

First, there is Belkin’s Car Vent Mount Pro, And the only MagSafe-certified car mount, retails for $ 39.99. Certification does not mean that it provides strength. You will need to connect your phone with a Lightning cable (which you’ll need to do anyway for wired CarPlay compatibility). This technically allows you to charge your phone faster than regular wireless charging, but it leaves you stuck with a cable.

Then there is The Scosche MagicMount, Which provides a 20W car adapter but nothing that can be connected to it. You have to present your own MagSafe Tweak, which adds $ 39 to the MagicMount price tag from $ 29.99 to $ 39.99 (which varies by model). Although it technically gives you MagSafe-certified installation and charging, it’s only because you are using Apple’s own disc.

If you’re okay with just using the official MagSafe tweak, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Just providing plastic to put it around an Apple charger is a popular approach. Amazon is full of BYOP car mounts (bring your own), and we are See it also with Apple Watch charger accessories. It’s a quick and easy way to get a fully certified user experience without waiting for certification (and no Apple Made For iPhone program fee). The downside is that users have to purchase two different things.

Finally, there is ESR HaloLock, Which seems to contain everything. It is one piece, magnetically holds your iPhone, and provides wireless charging. The only thing missing is MagSafe certification, which means Apple will only allow your phone to charge 7.5W. You’ll again see a lot of similar products on Amazon the manufacturer copied MagSafe magnets however It uses a standard Qi charger for power. Like disc holders, you’ll get most of the functionality without actually needing to get certified, and the product will be fine for people who aren’t worried about fast shipping.

This doesn’t mean that our fully third-party MagSafe car mounts won’t show up at some point, just because they may take a while. And considering other ways to get you so close to the real deal, you can expect to see a lot more of it in the meantime.

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