AFC, NFC, Quarterback Quarterback Game Reserve: Chad Henny tops the list ahead of Sunday’s matches

The midfielder is considered the most important position in the NFL, so it is not surprising that of the remaining four teams in the 2020 Qualifiers, not a single team lacks a first-class caller. The Heads Get a Super Bowl MVP award at Patrick Mahomes. The Invoices You have the current MVP filter in Josh Allen. The Packers You have a current MVP favorite at Aaron Rodgers. And the Pirates You have the most successful Super Bowl QB in NFL history in Tom Brady.

But injuries can change QB’s position with a heartbeat, as it turns out only several times this season: Alex Smith The absence from Washington’s wild card game paved the way for an emergency start Taylor HeinekAnd the Lamar Jackson Hard Landing Against Bills All but Erase CrowsReturn changes in the division round, Mahomes’ early exit against Brown Kansas City was forced to win without its best star.

With that in mind, here’s a summary of every QB backup set up to decorate the sidelines at conference tournaments. If they’re forced to do duty, here’s how we rank their ability to step in and help their Super Bowl team:

1. Chad Henny (Heads)

Omar: 35
College: Michigan
The NFL Experience: Season thirteen
Career begins: 54

Henne is easily the most experienced out of the still alive No.2 QBs, and he’s also the most reliable. It hasn’t started a meaningful game since 2014, when the year opened for Basem JaguarQB, but has now spent the entire three years under the tutelage of Andy Reed and has served as Mahomes on four occasions. Originally the second round was chosen by Dolphins In 2008, Henne has never been particularly “safe” at QB as a full-time job throwing no less than 10 interceptions per season as a freshman, but he knows how to play conservatively at this point in his career. Within the limits of Reid’s crime loaded, his experience makes him capable of running the game. It also showed some fighting after replacing Mahomes against Cleveland, notably a launch into a possible connection en route to a delay in the start.

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2. Matt Barclay (Bills)

Omar: 30
College: USC
The NFL Experience: Season eight
Career begins: 7

What Barclay lacks in his starting experience he makes up for in his latest Beals, appearing in eight matches against Josh Allen since late 2018 – and only five this year. Stylistically, he’s a lot different from Allen, and prefers a more traditional pocket pass style. He is also not particularly accurate, posting a completion rate of his career below 59. However, his time on the Bills system, combined with some promising extensions of his starting experience, makes him relatively reliable in question. Originally the second round was chosen by the Eagles In 2013, Barclay’s best performance came in 2016, playing six matches initially Bear; And 2018 when it replaced Nathan Peterman And the injured Allen leads Buffalo to a 41-10 victory and ends a streak of four defeats.

3. Blaine Gabart (Pirates)

Omar: 31
College: Missouri
The NFL Experience: Season ten
Career begins: 48

Technically, he’s far more experienced than Barclay in terms of his career beginnings. But his yield was similarly average at every turn. Less accurate than both Barkley and Henne over the course of his NFL tenure, the previous tenth public pick for Jaguar flashed as an alternative to Colin Cabernick Back in 2015 with 49ers, Throw 10 drops and lunge 185 yards on eight starts. But otherwise he was hit or missed. He looked fine scoring as Tom Brady savior in 2020, but given anything close to a full-on game of action he’s going to be quite a risky turnover, with 47 interceptions and 33 flops in 60 professional matches.

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4. Tim Boyle (Packers)

Omar: 26
College: Eastern Kentucky
The NFL Experience: third season
Career begins:

The good thing about Boyle is that nobody has any films about him. The man appeared in only three matches during his career and delivered only four assists in his career, appearing mostly as a kneeling specialist at the end of Rodgers’ victories. But let’s not kid ourselves here: Should the A-Rod break down, Green Bay will be in trouble. Transferring UConn who struggled hard in college, throwing 12 drops to 26 interceptions, Boyle could say at least he’s spent three years watching Rodgers. Of course, the real X factor is likely with the Packers’ backup point behind on the depth chart, where the heavily armed rookie in the first round Jordan love Still number 3.

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