A lost teenage snowman built a snow cave to survive until rescuers arrived

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – After losing a Canadian teenager in a snowmobile, he managed to survive by building a snow cave to stay in until he was found.

According to South Cariboo Search and Rescue, a 17-year-old in British Columbia, whose name has not been released, built himself an ice cave to shelter in after separating from his group.

At approximately 6:15 PM on Saturday, the 100 Mile House Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was notified of a snowmobile delay.

The teenager’s family and friends are back in the parking lot, but he never showed up, according to a press release from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Some members of the group stayed on the hill and began to search, while others left to alert South Cariboo Search and Rescue, who called the 100 Mile House RCMP. Ultimately, the South Cariboo SAR located the teenager, and found him “in good shape,” RCMP said in its release.

“This young man did everything right after things got worse,” SAR wrote in a Facebook post praising the teenager. He separated from his group and after several unsuccessful attempts to return from the area, the way he entered and did not know the terrain and the area, he stopped his sled in a wide open area, walked to a nearby wooded area and built himself a wonderful snow cave to spend the night.

The post continued, “When our team members ran into him, he was at the shelter with food and water. This young man made our task a little less difficult by staying where he was and getting some knowledge about staying in the winter in the countryside.”

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100 Mile House RCMP thanked the South Cariboo SAR team for bringing the research to another positive finding.

“We in South Caribou are very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of well-trained volunteers to help in times of need,” RCMP Cpl. Madonna Saunderson wrote in a statement.

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