2021 MacBook Pro 16-inch with miniLED: Supply Chain

Today’s new Supply Chain Report says we can expect to see the 16-inch 2021 MacBook Pro With Mini LED Monitor. This matches a recent report from renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Just over a month ago, Kuo said We can expect to see two MacBook Pro models with an entirely new form factor, plus a miniLED backlight …


As a reminder, miniLED is not to be confused with Micro, Which is an entirely new form of display that’s expected to start replacing OLED at a later date.

In contrast, miniLED is a new form of LCD backlight used in the current model of MacBooks. It uses many of the smaller LEDs to provide the backlight – likely around 10,000 for a MacBook screen – allowing different areas of the screen to be lit differently. This facilitates brighter colors, deeper blacks, and improved energy efficiency.

Kuo forecasts for miniLED products It dates back to April 2019, When he said we could expect to see the technology used in the new iPad and the new MacBook by late 2020 or early 2021. He also indicated that Apple was working on a 31.6-inch 6K display later that year – a prediction that failed. Come true.

Kuo later estimated that the technology would be so Used in a large number IPads and MacBooks.

Kuo’s latest investment note indicates that about 30-40% of iPads, and 20-30% of MacBooks, will now use miniLED backlights. This will transfer technology to a wider range of models.

The analyst relies on that estimate on Apple, which brought on board a second supplier of miniLED chips for the next year. […] Having two suppliers boosts competition, which means Apple will be able to negotiate cheaper rates, making the technology more affordable on more models. Kuo estimates that Apple’s cost will drop from $ 75-85 per unit to “under $ 45”.

2021 MacBook Pro 16-inch with miniLED

Numbers Today cites a supply chain source in reporting that one of these will be a new version of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple is said to be looking to adopt miniLED displays for the new iPad and MacBook Pro in 2021, while Samsung Electronics is expected to launch a miniLED tablet computer and Micro-Star International (MSI) miniLED laptop, according to sources from the Initial Supply Chain […]

Sources expect Apple’s 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro slated for release in 2021 to be equipped with miniLED displays and miniLED adoption will be expanded to MacBook Air products in 2022.

Of course, it doesn’t make any sense that the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro will be powered by Apple Silicon, whether it’s the M1 chip or a later version. It’s also almost certain that we can expect thinner bezels.

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The combination of an Apple Silicon, a better display, and a new design will make a compelling upgrade for many, myself included.

MacBook Pro concept picture: Victor Kadar

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